endocrine disorders

St. Peter’s Diabetes and Endocrine Care Welcomes Karen Zanni

September 1, 2020

Karen Zanni, Ph.D., FNP, RN, has joined St. Peter’s Diabetes and Endocrine Care, a practice of St. Peter’s Health Partners Medical Associates. A board-certified nurse practitioner, Zanni specializes in the diagnosis, treatment, and long-term care of individuals with diabetes and other endocrine and metabolic disorders. [...]

St. Peter’s General Surgery Welcomes Dr. Rohit Repala

November 2, 2017

Rohit T. Repala, M.D., has joined St. Peter’s General Surgery. His professional interests include endocrine disorders, and the surgical care of complex diseases which can affect the thyroid, parathyroid glands, and adrenal glands. [...]