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St. Peter’s Hospital Celebrates Mercy Day

Today, September 24, marks an important milestone in the history of the Religious Sisters of Mercy and St. Peter’s Hospital. This date, known as Mercy Day, is observed annually throughout the world in remembrance of Catherine McAuley’s establishment of the first House of Mercy in Dublin, Ireland on September 24, 1827.   It is through Catherine’s ministry that the Religious Sisters of Mercy were founded; laying the groundwork for the ongoing ministry of St. Peter’s Hospital more than 190 years later. Mercy Day celebrates the spirit of Catherine McAuley and the women who later became the Religious Sisters of Mercy. The spirit and values of the Sisters of Mercy remain the driving force and the heart of the Mission of St. Peter’s Hospital and St. Peter’s Health Partners.   Catherine McAuley understood the value and the importance of Community. She brought people together for the sake of God’s work. Her followers, the Sisters of Mercy, also recognized the importance of Community. It was together that their work would be best accomplished. It was together they found the strength and […]