Free Varicose Vein Screenings in August and September in Saratoga

Stephen J. Dempsey, M.D.

The Spa Vein Center will offer free varicose vein screenings at the Spa Vein Center, a division of Saratoga Cardiology Associates, at 6 Care Lane in Saratoga Springs.

Upcoming dates are:
August 27
September 10
September 30 

All screenings are held from  4-6 pm.

Stephen J. Dempsey, M.D., medical director of Spa Vein Center, will perform the screenings, which include a brief questionnaire and leg exam. Patients should wear shorts to the screening.

Please call 518-587-7625 to reserve an appointment or for more information.

Varicose and venous insufficiency occurs when valves within the veins malfunction. While vein disease might simply be a cosmetic concern for some people, for many others varicose veins cause aching leg pain, cramping, burning, itching, or “restless” legs that interfere with daily life and a good night’s sleep. In some cases, venous insufficiency may lead to severe swelling, skin injury, and even chronic leg ulcers.

Saratoga Cardiology Associates is a practice of St. Peter’s Health Partners Medical Associates.

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