Albany Business Review: St. Peter’s Acquires Practice to Meet Growing Demand for Midwives

The Albany Business Review published an article on St. Peter’s Health Partners Medical Associates’ recent acquisition of Capital Region Midwifery. When it opened in 2012, Capital Region Midwifery was the first independent midwifery practice in the area that offered hospital births.

From the article:

Under the acquisition deal, Capital Region Midwifery will exclusively deliver babies at Burdett (which is located in St. Peter’s Samaritan Hospital but is an independent organization).

One reason more women are using midwives: The care can lead to better outcomes for mothers and babies, research shows.

The decision to join St. Peter’s gives Capital Region Midwifery access to a variety of services, including imaging, pulmonology, gynecology and cardiology, within the health care system.

“It was the right fit at the right time,” Holcomb said. “We have patients that have asthma, that have heart conditions that require the ability of us to work with providers in other specialities, and the system allows for that in a much easier manner.”

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