Times Union: St. Peter’s Troy Hospital Revamp to be Complete in October, a Year Early

The Times Union published an article on this week’s announcement that SPHP would accelerate its Troy Master Facilities Plan and consolidate different services at Samaritan Hospital and the St. Mary’s Campus.

From the story:

Plans to make Samaritan Hospital an inpatient center and St. Mary’s Hospital a center for outpatient services are more than a year ahead of schedule, with completion expected in October, St. Peter’s Health Partnersofficials said Tuesday.

The hospitals, which had been competitors in Troy for over a century, became part of the Albany-based St. Peter’s health system five years ago. St. Peter’s will work to merge them into one combined hospital with a single administration when the current restructuring is complete, said Norman Dascher, who heads the Troy hospitals.

Dascher said hospital administrators were proud and excited to be on track to complete the project only four years after it was announced. Original plans to revamp the hospitals were more extensive.

“We’ve been able to take two organizations that have competed for 111 years and bring them together in such a short period of time,” he said.

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