Times Union: State Bill to Support Health Care Mentor Stipends Backed

Dr. Susan Birkhead
Interim Dean, SPHP Schools of Nursing

On Friday, May 31, State Senator Jake Ashby, R – Castleton, and State Assemblyman John T. McDonald III, D – Cohoes, held a news conference at the Samaritan Hospital School of Nursing in support of proposed legislation aimed at addressing the shortage of health care workers.

The bill, “New York State Preceptor Stipend Program,” would provide $5,000 stipends to nurses and other health care workers who mentor students during their required clinical work. The pilot program would benefit 1,000 preceptors.

Dr. Susan Birkhead, interim dean of St. Peter’s Health Partners’ Schools of Nursing, spoke at the news conference as did senior nursing student Mary Loughlin. Both were quoted in an article appearing in the Times Union.

From the story:

Susan Birkhead, dean of St. Peter’s Health Partners Schools of Nursing, said she was there to support the legislation.
“One of the key components to successfully graduating confident, caring nurses is immersion in substantial meaningful clinical experience. Preceptorship is vital to this. Preceptors support and guide new nurses bridging the gap between theory and practice,” Birkhead said.
Mary Loughlin, a senior nursing student at the Samaritan Hospital Nursing School, described the experience as “invaluable” for students like herself when working with experienced nurses who provided guidance in mentoring them while they gain practical experience.

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