Photo Gallery: Ella de Vaubicourt Visits St. Peter’s Hospital

Ella Koenig Belliard de Vaubicourt was born at St. Peter’s Hospital thirteen year ago after her mother, Lindsay Shyllon-de Vaubicourt, went into premature labor during a visit to Capital Region from her home in Paris. Born 3 months early, Ella weighed just under 2 pounds. After spending 9 weeks in St. Peter’s Hospital NICU, she gained over three pounds and was able to return to France with her family. She then spent another 8 weeks in a hospital in Paris. On August 15, Ella, now a healthy 13-year-old and her mother visited St. Peter’s to meet and thank the doctors and nurses that saved her life.

Ella Koenig Belliard de Vaubicourt

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