WNYT: Nurse Can’t Visit COVID-Positive Loved One

A nurse from Annapolis, M.D., is publicly thanking the staff at St. Peter’s Hospital for the excellent care they’ve given her loved one who was hospitalized on Christmas Eve with COVID-19.

Heidi Silvestri, RN, who is originally from East Greenbush, spoke to WNYT/NewsChannel 13 about the challenges of being a nurse during COVID-19 and not being able to visit her loved one who is currently battling the virus.

“As a nurse, we come in (to work because) it’s our job,” she explains. “We’re scared. We’ve gotten used to it.”

Silvestri says the staff at St. Peter’s has been terrific. She’s on the phone with them several times a day.

“That’s why I want to reach out to these nurses that are up there being there for me when I can’t,” she says, “From the bottom of my heart, they are my heroes and as time has gone on, the relationships with each of the staff members has grown. I want to hug and kiss each one of them when we’re done with this.”

Click here to watch WNYT’s report.

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