St. Mary’s and Samaritan to Merge in Early 2019

[Norman E. Dascher Jr., President, Acute Care Troy, at St. Peter’s Health Partners, today shared the below memo with colleagues.]

I want to update you on the progression of our plan to transform the delivery health care services in Troy. Since the creation of St. Peter’s Health Partner’s in 2011, our goal has been to make Samaritan Hospital the location for all inpatient care and St. Mary’s an outpatient campus.

Since that time, we’ve made tremendous progress. Both facilities share a senior management team, a shared medical staff leadership, and shared policies. The inpatient pavilion at Samaritan Hospital is scheduled for completion in late-September, and St. Mary’s has transitioned to an outpatient campus, no longer providing inpatient medical care or ambulatory surgery.

The next step in this transition is to bring Samaritan and St. Mary’s together as one legal entity. To fulfill this plan we will apply to New York state to merge St. Mary’s into Samaritan Hospital on January 1, 2019. It is important to note that this merger will have no impact on services provided at either facility. This merger is a legal process that will result in a combined entity with one Medicare number, one set of contracts, etc. Legally, St. Mary’s will become a division of Samaritan Hospital.

The St. Mary’s campus will maintain its Catholic identity and will continue to have St. Mary’s in its name. The chapel will continue to be named the St. Mary’s chapel in tribute to the hundreds of thousands of staff and community members impacted by the facility.

Last week a workgroup, comprised of leaders from Acute Care Troy, met to begin to identify areas and actions required to facilitate this stage of the transition. I will keep you updated as this group continues to meet over the upcoming months.

I want to thank you for your ongoing commitment to our patients and your fellow colleagues and for sharing in our vision for a healthy future for Troy and its surrounding communities. It is a pleasure to work with such a wonderful team!

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