Mercy Cares for Kids Send Cards and Letters of Support to Nurses During COVID-19 Crisis


Sometimes, a simple gesture is all someone needs to lift their spirits and give them hope. During the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic, these acts of kindness are especially helpful to those on the front lines.

That’s why teachers and children at Mercy Cares for Kids recently sent some very special messages to nurses at St. Peter’s Hospital. The children, some as young as three years old, made cards and pictures to show their appreciation for everything the nurses do on a daily basis, and for the sacrifices they make to care for the sick and those in need.

Included in these care packages was a letter in which the teachers wrote, “We don’t know you, but we know your job is very important and you are working very hard to take care of the sick people and helping to keep the rest of us safe. Nurses are very special people. Thank you so much for all you do! #nursesaresuperheroes.”

They also included this poem:

The Heart of a Nurse

By: Pauline Hamblin

Nurses are compassionate and caring,

With love in their hearts for all.

Forever extending a heart of mercy,

Always there when there is call.

Endless hours they stand on their feet,

Wondering Did I do my best

To help this patient through this illness,

Ease their pain so they can rest.

In their hearts you hear God’s whisper

Through a nurse He sends His love.

Ever sensitive, kind and caring,

Souls as pure as a snow-white dove.

Angels, yes, they tend to be,

For their presence comforts me.

Concerns for the sick shows on their face,

Their gentle touch my fears erase.

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