Samaritan Hospital School of Nursing Presents Student Choice Award

Student Choice Award

Doris Yetto, nurse manager; Gail Moore, Learning Resource Coordinator; Ryann Fredricks; Susan Birkhead, Director of the School of Nursing, and Donna Breault, Nursing Instructor

On April 24, Ryann Fredricks was presented the Samaritan Hospital School of Nursing’s “Student Choice Award.”

At the end of each spring and fall semester, the Samaritan Hospital School of Nursing students vote for a St. Peter’s Health Partner’s nurse who has provided inspiration, positive influence, and support to the students. This spring’s awardee, Ryann Fredricks, works on the fifth floor of Samaritan Hospital.

Nursing students described Fredricks as “helpful and willing to teach,” an “excellent role model for the students,” and someone who welcomed students to the floor and is always willing to help out.

The School of Nursing coordinated with the Doris Yetto, fifth floor nurse manager, to surprise Fredricks with the award, a pin, flowers, and even a cake.

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