WNYT: Plasma, Antiviral Drug Treatments Introduced at St. Peter’s Hospital

Jorge Cerda, M.D., chief of the Department of Medicine at St. Peter’s Hospital, was interviewed by WNYT about new treatments being offered to COVID-19 patients at St. Peter’s and Samaritan hospitals. This includes experimental convalescent plasma, and as well other antiviral and anti-inflammatory drug treatments.

From the story:

“What we’re seeing is the patients who are very ill if you measure the number of viral particles, that number is enormous,” Dr. Cerda said.

For that reason, St. Peter’s has started treating severe patients with an experimental antiviral drug called remdesivir.

“This is a medication that interferes with the reproduction of the virus within the cell,” Dr. Cerda said.

But weakening the virus’ ability to replicate alone might not be enough. That’s why Dr. Cerda said drug treatment may be combined with antibody treatment.

That process involves taking plasma from someone who tested positive for the virus, recovered and has been symptom free for at least two weeks. That plasma contains antibodies that fight the virus. The hope is that transfusing the antibodies into the most ill patients will help them fight the infection.

Click here to watch WNYT’s report.

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