Times Union: After 130 Days in the Hospital, Rensselaer COVID Patient Finally Home

Tommy Raus, who spent 130 days battling COVID-19 at St. Peter’s Hospital, is finally home after completing his rehab stay at Sunnyview Rehabilitation Hospital. He was discharged on Friday, February 4, and is now continuing his recovery at home.

Tommy’s story was featured in the Albany Times Union. Tommy was interviewed for the article, along with his therapists from St. Peter’s Hospital; George Klein, PT, Alison Chamberlin, OTR/L, CSRS, and Dayle Carhart-Davis, DPT, PT.

From the article:

Raus said that his slow march back from death was made possible by the St. Peter’s staff. Therapists, doctors, nurses, aides all pulled for him.

“Tommy had just come out of the ICU. He was just moved up to our COVID unit. Tommy was so weak. He had a very difficult time to even move his toes. He had a lot of ground to cover,” said George Klein, a physical therapist at St. Peter’s Hospital, who worked with Raus.

Ali Chamberlin, an occupational therapist, said Raus was committed to recovery.  His desire to see his son and daughter at home again was the driving force that pushed him to deal with the pain and frustrations of learning how to take care of himself again after nearly five months in the two hospitals.

“He was extremely motivated,” said Dayle Carhart-Davis, a physical therapist.

The trio of therapists said they know that Raus’ journey through recovery from St. Peter’s to Sunnyview is not over. He still has a lot of work to do at home, they said, but his dedication should make his trip successful.

Carhart-Davis, Chamberlain and Klein agreed that Raus was the ideal patient to work with due to his commitment to rebuilding his life after his trek.

Raus said returning home means that there is still more work, but most importantly that he will be reunited with his son and daughter.

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