Troy Record: ‘Take a Stand, Troy’ Initiative Targets Violence

The Troy Record published a story about the new “Take a Stand, Troy” initiative, led by the St. Peter’s Health Partners Sexual Assault and Crime Victims Assistance Program.

From the story:

“We’ve wanted to for a while launch a community-wide prevention initiative that’s based on the idea of bystander intervention,” explained SACVAP Director Lindsey Crusan-Muse. “The main concept is that we want to challenge our community to create a culture in which there’s no tolerance for sexual violence and interpersonal violence.”

The posters, unveiled Friday night at The Broken Mold Studio in downtown Troy, will be hung at businesses that choose to join the initiative and which have completed training sessions provided, for free, by SACVAP. The posters challenge community members to “Take a Stand,” and announce that interpersonal violence is not welcome in the community.

Click here to see the full story.

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