WTEN: New weight loss procedure performed for first time in Capital Region

WTEN reporter and anchor Trishna Begam recently reported on the first endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty (ESG) being performed in the Capital Region at St. Peter’s Hospital.

In her story, she interviewed both the surgeon, Dr. Rohit Dhingra with Albany Gastroenterology Consultants (AGC)/4ward Wellness, and the patient, Maureen Simmons, who is also an endoscopic nurse at St. Peter’s Hospital.

The procedure was done January 18, 2024, with Maureen reporting she feels great and, in less than a month, has already lost 23 pounds. Click HERE to view the story.

ESG is an FDA-approved procedure performed using a suturing device, which is attached to an endoscope and inserted through the mouth and into the patient’s stomach. The endoscopist then places sutures into the stomach to make it 70-80% smaller. The procedure has a significantly shorter recovery time compared to traditional weight-loss surgeries and avoids external incisions/scarring to the patient’s skin.

Congratulations to Dr. Dhingra, Dr. Bora Gumustop, Dr. Joseph Choma, the team at Albany Gastroenterology Consultants (AGC)/4ward Wellness, and the entire endoscopy team at St. Peter’s Hospital!

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