SPHP Colleagues Present at Trinity Health Clinical Summit

On September 30, SPHP President of Continuing Care Kim Baker, Vice President of Clinical Operations for the Continuing Care Aimee Carlson, and Dr. James Figge St. Peter’s Diabetes & Endocrine Care in Rensselaer presented to colleagues from System Office and other RHMs at the Trinity Health Clinical Summit in Michigan.

Kim Baker

Baker spoke about SPHP being the first organization in New York state, and one of only a few organizations in the United States, to receive Integrated Care Certification from the Joint Commission. Among the SPHP hospitals and facilities included in the certification, 3,460 patient lives were touched with a very low readmittance rate of 4 percent.

Aimee Carlson

Carlson spoke about initiatives focusing on care delivery and reducing readmissions, and discussed how skilled nursing facilities are more prepared to take on more medically complex patients under a value-based reimbursement model.

James Figge, M.D.

Dr. Figge presented on diabetes prevention, with a focus on better identification of patients with pre-diabetes in order to prevent progression to Type 2 diabetes.

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