St. Peter’s Hospital Colleagues Build Houses with Habitat for Humanity

(left to right) Nicole, Patricia Carroll, Mary Nimmer, Virginia Golden, Judy Gray, Claire Christie, Andrew Spiers, Alicia Beeman, Kaileen Frank, Dana Luther, Caleb Armstrong, Carli Varmet , Jessie

A group of colleagues from St. Peter’s Hospital spent Saturday volunteering in Albany’s Arbor Hill neighborhood, joining a Habitat for Humanity project to build or rehabilitate nearly 60 houses on Orange Street and Lark Street.

St. Peter’s Hospital colleagues split up into three groups, and tackled various finishing tasks including sanding railings, constructing a deck, and securing interior subflooring.

To help in energizing and revitalizing the economically challenged neighborhood, Habitat for Humanity is revamping the Arbor Hill properties. Once complete, the houses will be sold at cost to low-income, first-time home buyers.

Physical therapist Mary Nimmer organized the effort. St. Peter’s Hospital Chief Executive Officer Virginia Golden and  Vice President for Human Resources, Shared Services, Judy Gray were among the participants.

Other participants include: Patricia Carroll, occupational therapist; Mary Nimmer, physical therapist; Claire Christie, physical therapist; Andrew Spiers: Alicia Beeman, physical therapy supervisor; Kaileen Frank, physical therapist; Dana Luther, senior clinical occupational therapist; Caleb Armstrong, senior clinical occupational therapist, Carli Varmette; and Jessie.

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