Business Review: 3 Takeaways From 3 Albany Region Hospital CEOs About the Changing World of Health Care

James K. Reed, M.D.
Photo: Albany Business Review

James K. Reed, M.D., president and CEO of St. Peter’s Health Partners, was featured in an article published in the Albany Business Review. The article highlighted the newspaper’s recent Power Breakfast, held February 6 at the Albany Marriott. Dr. Reed and leaders of the other regional hospitals gathered to discuss the changing landscape of health care and the future of hospitals.

From the article:

Reed is thinking about the coming wave of baby boomers who will need more medical care, and how to make sure the St. Peter’s campus is ready to handle the influx.

“Who wins that race?” Reed said. “Are we going to be bulging at the seams, or is technology in health care going to stay ahead of it so that we can actually offload a lot of that to these ambulatory settings?”

No one is sure on the mix of inpatient and outpatient facilities that will make the most sense going forward.

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Photo: Albany Business Review

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