Times Union: The Connection Between Addiction and Careers

The Times Union spoke recently with several local experts about addiction in an article focusing on the announcement from Senate Republican Majority Leader John Flanagan that he was seeking help for alcohol dependency. One of those featured voices was Robyn Tompkins, manager of the St. Peter’s Addiction Recovery Center (SPARC) outpatient facility in Latham, and the director of SPARC’s impaired professionals program.

From the story:

The pressures found in a variety of jobs and professions can lead to substance abuse, experts agree. And there’s no evidence that politicians are more prone to alcohol dependency or addiction than those in other fields.

But the unique nature of politics does pose its own challenges. Lawmakers seldom have an “off work” switch since much of their time is spent dealing with the public, whether they are attending local meetings, Town Hall events or simply fielding calls from constituents and lobbyists.

“There is the pressure of being ‘on’ all the time. The inability to just get off that gerbil wheel,” said Robyn Tompkins, manager of the St. Peters Addiction Recovery Center’s impaired professionals program.

Read the full story here.

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