Times Union: As Population Ages, Demand for Health Care Workers Grows

The Times Union recently interviewed Judy Gray, chief human resources officer for SPHP, as part of an article looking at the demand and need for health care workers now and in the future.

From the story:

St. Peter’s Health Partners estimates it has about 1,000 open jobs across all categories. One challenge is finding nurses with operating room, critical care or other specialized experience, said Judy Gray

Increasingly, health care workers need to be tech-savvy. Medical technologists are in strong demand, said Gray. In fields such as radiology and medical imaging, technology skills are critical.

But positions that support continuing care outside the hospital, such as licensed practical nurses, certified nursing assistants and home health aides also are in demand.

Health recruiters are following those in the STEM fields — science, technology, engineering and mathematics — to make students aware of careers as early as the fifth grade. Many already are tech-savvy at that age, Gray said.

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