Times Union: St. Peter’s aligns with company offering online mental health care

The Times Union reported on the announcement that aptihealth, a company with roots in Troy that provides a technological platform that allows psychologists and psychiatrists to conduct online or phone-based therapy sessions, is joining forces with St. Peter’s Health Partners.

From the article:

“Aptihealth puts the patient at the center of everything we do. Our platform makes it easy for people to access care at any time, connecting them to a care team with innovative digital tools that allow them to deliver precise, personalized care in a timely and efficient manner,” said Dan Pickett, CEO of Aptihealth, in a statement about the agreement.

The relationship gives SPHP providers the tools to refer their patients to more timely mental health services. Patients in need of behavioral health care are connected to Aptihealth and asked to complete a comprehensive online self-assessment. They are then matched with a licensed therapist and psychiatric prescriber (if needed) who specialize in their areas of need.

The care provided includes teletherapy, medication management, and unlimited messaging with a therapist between sessions. The Aptihealth platform enables progress tracking and the dedicated care team, including the patient’s primary care doctor, therapist, prescriber, and care manager, remain connected throughout treatment.

Headquartered in Boston the company has a presence in Troy. It was started by Pickett, a Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute graduate, and Troy psychologist Alex Marsal.

To view the article, click HERE.

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