Business Review: Health tech startup makes deal with large Capital Region health system

The Business Review reported on the recent announcement that aptihealth and St. Peter’s Health Partners were teaming up to expand health care access in the Capital Region.

From the article:

Aptihealth partners with medical providers who can refer patients to psychotherapists through the startup’s online platform, which allows the providers — primary care, therapist, prescriber and care manager — to more easily integrate physical and mental health care.

After an online self-assessment, the patient is matched with the appropriate therapist and they develop a 90-day care plan that includes teletherapy, medication management as needed, and unlimited messaging between therapy sessions.

Aptihealth raised $50 million in venture capital last year and moved its headquarters to Boston, also keeping its offices in Troy.

Dan Pickett, the startup’s president and CEO, said in November that he plans to grow the company to around 600 by the end of 2022, including 500 providers and 100 tech and support staff. At that time the company had 120 employees. It now has 150 employees and 28 partnerships with health plans, health systems and physician practices.

To view the article, click HERE.

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