Times Union: State’s New CARE Act Ensures Education Upon Discharge

The Times Union recently published an article about the implementation of the state’s CARE Act, which requires hospitals to provide discharge instructions and post-release care plans to a designated caregiver.

From the story:

The designated caregiver, on the other hand, needs to be both involved and on site, said Erin LaBarge, performance improvement specialist at St. Peter’s Health Partners, which includes four hospitals in Albany and Troy.

Once named, caregivers at St. Peter’s health system will be included in discussions about patients’ conditions during their hospital stays, LaBarge said. Caregivers might be asked to watch a video or sit through instructions from a hospital staffer.

Patients’ needs will determine which professional provides the training, LaBarge said. If a patient is going home with an oxygen tank, a respiratory therapist may demonstrate how to use it. If a patient with limited mobility will need assistance, a physical therapist might show the caregiver safe methods of support.

Read the full story here.

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