Do Coronavirus Symptoms Include a ‘Fizzing,’ Tingling or Burning Sensation? interviewed Arthur Gran, M.D., for its story on a new symptom being reported in some COVID-19 patients. Many have described a tingling, burning, or ‘fizzing’ sensation.

From the article:

Dr. Arthur Gran, an infectious disease specialist at St. Peter’s Health Partners in Troy, New York, said he didn’t see any specific reason why the new coronavirus itself would cause such symptoms.

“There’s still much we have to learn about it but it’s not really a neurologic virus, although if people are having symptoms of smell and taste changes — those are the nerves in brain — so it’s not impossible that people might have changes in nerve sensations,” Gran said.

“I have a feeling that it’s not a new manifestation. I think it’s probably people are describing variances in the known clinical manifestations of this virus.”

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