What to Expect.com: 17 Ways Dads and Partners Can Advocate for a Healthy Pregnancy, Birth, and Postpartum

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Dr. Kenneth Baker, chair of obstetrics and gynecology for St. Peter’s Health Partners, was interviewed for an article appearing for the pregnancy website “What to Expect.com.”

Dr. Baker discussed a variety of ways in which partners can support their significant other during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.

From the article:

Kenneth Baker, M.D.
Chair of Obstetrics and Gynecology, SPHP

The first step partners should take “is to educate themselves on pregnancy and the changes that their partners will go through when they’re pregnant,” says Kenneth Baker, M.D., chair of obstetrics and gynecology for St. Peter’s Health Partners in Albany, New York,

Get familiar with morning sickness, fatigue, headaches and the other physical and emotional pregnancy symptoms that can pop up along the way.  This allows you to be empathetic and do a better job as a support person.

When doing your studies, make sure you consult reliable sources, Dr. Baker says. Lean on professionals — a provider, doctor, midwife, doula — to give recommendations. “Someone who you trust and know can give you truthful information and not a blog,” he says.

Discuss what you and your partner want for the birth before the day comes. (Davis prefers the term “birth vision” or “birth preferences” to birth plan because plans always change.)

Questions to ask yourselves when coming up with the plan, Dr. Baker says, include: Does your partner want pain medication or want to avoid a cesarean section? Discuss the pronouns you want the medical staff to use, and make that clear to them.

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