WRGB: Emergency Room Visits Down Because People Afraid to Get Care

Steven Hanks, M.D., chief clinical officer for SPHP, spoke to WRGB/CBS6 News about the growing concerns within the medical community that people are not seeking necessary medical care for fear of contracting COVID-19. This is evident in the dramatic drop in emergency room visits since the pandemic began.

From the story:

“It was like flipping a light switch,” Dr. Hanks said. “Ordinarily, January, February, March we would see through our emergency departments about 400 patients a day, that’s the number we had been running, we’re now running south of 200 patients a day.”

They all say they’re taking the proper precautions to keep their patients healthy, and you should not be afraid to call 9-1-1 or go to the emergency room for help.

Click here to watch WRGB’s report.

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