WRGB: Should Pregnant Women Get the COVID-19 Vaccine? Health Experts Weigh In

Kenneth Baker, M.D., chief of obstetrics and gynecology for St. Peter’s Health Partners, appeared on WRGB/CBS6 Albany to discuss the COVID-19 vaccine and whether or not pregnant women should receive it.

From the story:

“It produces antibodies to the spike protein on the COVID virus, which in turn allows the maternal system to produce antibodies to protect mom. But these antibodies can cross the placenta, and by crossing the placenta…they can protect the baby,” replied Baker.

While there’s still research that needs to be done, Dr. Baker believes getting the vaccine is a must.

Using the vaccine in pregnant women is almost a must. Pregnant women, if they do contract COVID-19, tend to be sicker than the general population and have worse-outcomes from the disease,” added Baker.

Click here to watch WRGB’s full report.

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