St. Peter’s Hospital Cardiovascular Rehabilitation Program Certified by Industry Leader

The cardiovascular rehabilitation program at St. Peter’s Hospital, a member of St. Peter’s Health Partners, has been certified by the American Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation (AACVPR).

St. Peter’s Cardiac Rehabilitation and Wellness seeks to reduce recovery times and improve the quality of life for individuals who have had heart attacks or who have undergone open heart surgery, angioplasty, and other procedures. The program includes exercise, education, counseling, and support for patients and their families

“We congratulate the St. Peter’s Cardiac Rehabilitation and Wellness team for achieving certification from the American Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation,” said Dorothy Urschel, MS, ACNP-C, MBA, NEA-BC, vice president of the Cardiac & Vascular service line at SPHP. “With compassion and excellence, the team helps patients better understand how a heart attack or heart surgery can affect daily life and activities.”

In awarding the three-year certification, AACVPR recognized the St. Peter’s Hospital cardiovascular rehabilitation program for its commitment to improving the quality of life by enhancing standards of care.

To receive certification, the St. Peter’s Hospital program participated in an application process requiring extensive documentation of the program’s practices. AACVPR program certification is the only peer-review accreditation process designed to review individual programs for adherence to standards and guidelines developed and published by AACVPR and other professional societies. Each program is reviewed by the AACVPR program certification committee and certification is awarded by the AACVPR board of directors.

AACVPR-certified programs are recognized as leaders in the field of cardiovascular and pulmonary rehabilitation because they offer the most advanced practices available.

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