LiveSmart: Celebrating Midwives and Midwife-Led Health Care this October

Capital Region Midwifery

[This story was written by Margaret Holcomb, DNP, CNM, of Capital Region Midwifery, a practice of St. Peter’s Health Partners Medical Associates.] 

This October, the American College of Nurse-Midwives is recognizing the critical role midwives play in health care, celebrating National Midwifery Week from October 3 through 9.

There are many misconceptions about the practice of midwifery. Many people believe that midwives only do births in the home. The reality is most births in this country (more than 90%) occur in a hospital or birth center setting. Midwives are educated in the art and science of midwifery and most hold either masters or doctorate degrees.

The midwifery model of care focuses on a natural process of pregnancy and birth. The midwife partners with the birthing person and their family, keeping the focus on the client’s desire to safely navigate their pregnancy and utilizing many options that are available during pregnancy and birth. Midwives provide comprehensive prenatal care and education. They guide a woman through pregnancy, labor and birth, and are able to address and treat complications, should they arise.

Midwives work along with physician colleagues as part of a health care team to coordinate care for women who desire midwifery care, but may have health conditions that require additional medical care. Midwives may also assist in cesarean sections. Women who chose midwives for their prenatal care and delivery have the same testing during pregnancy, and the same options for pain management in labor and delivery, as women under the care of a physician.

Numerous studies have shown that patients receive better care when they are backed by a cohesive care team. For new parents, midwives are hands-on caregivers who are able to offer them a higher level of prenatal and postnatal care, thus expanding the care team available and helping them to realize improved outcomes. Midwives also offer gynecological care for clientele from post adolescence through menopause.

Capital Region Midwifery, a practice of St. Peter’s Health Partners Medical Associates, employs five full-time midwives in Troy who deliver care at Burdett Birth Center at Samaritan Hospital in Troy. In 2020, nearly 400 babies in Troy were delivered by midwives. Capital Region Midwifery strives to provide a uniquely warm and personalized environment where the providers work with expectant people throughout their pregnancy to ensure the health of both them and their baby.

St. Peter’s Health Partners offers labor and delivery services at Burdett Birth Center at Samaritan Hospital and the Women’s and Children’s Center at St. Peter’s Hospital in Albany. Both centers offer warm, homelike settings, with the necessary tools and provider expertise to promote a safe birth that is tailored to your needs.

Prospective patients can find full-scope midwifery services available at Capital Region Midwifery at 2231 Burdett Avenue, Suite 160, in Troy. Those seeking midwifery care can also find in-office services with the midwives of St. Peter’s OB/Gyn at 1240 New Scotland Road in Slingerlands, NY.

To learn more about maternity care at St. Peter’s Health Partners, visit call Capital Region Midwifery at 518-326-1620.

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