St. Peter’s Health Partners Celebrates Fifth Anniversary

Dr. James K. Reed, President and Chief Executive Officer of St. Peter’s Health Partners

James K. Reed, M.D.

James K. Reed, M.D., President and Chief Executive Officer of St. Peter’s Health Partners, shared the below memo with staff.

Dear St. Peter’s Health Partners Staff Member:

Five years ago, on Saturday, October 1, 2011, Northeast Health, Seton Health, and St. Peter’s Health Care Services became one new health care system – St. Peter’s Health Partners.

The merger pioneered health care reform at the local level, and was the result of a dynamic decision by the boards and leadership of our legacy systems. Recognizing the changes health care reform would bring, the choice to determine our own future was made. The merger resulted in a more stable organization and work environment. We have been able to retain skilled individuals and mitigate job reductions that we undoubtedly would have faced as individual institutions. It positioned St. Peter’s Health Partners and its legacy organizations for success.

However, none of that success would be possible without the dedication of our incredible employees. The last five years have been transformational, but we realize they have been very challenging as well. Through restructuring, and several transitions that have brought significant changes, you have remained committed to our patients, residents, clients, and community. Because of your dedication, we have been able to combine our complementary strengths and be proactive in creating an organization that responds to the changing health care environment; meets the current and future needs of our patients, residents, and clients; and honors and enhances our legacy of caring.

As we celebrate our fifth anniversary, we have grown to 12,500 employees in 170 locations across nine counties. With your expertise and hard work, we continue to provide high-quality, compassionate care to thousands of people every day across the greater Capital Region, while creating a culture of excellence at every facility, service and program.

I thank you for your ongoing efforts and for your continued support in the future.


James K. Reed, MD
President & CEO

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