NewsChannel 13: Samaritan Hospital Prepares to Open Revamped Emergency Room

WNYT NewsChannel 13 toured the new Samaritan Hospital Emergency Department on Monday, to get a firsthand look at how St. Peter’s Health Partners is both rebuilding health care and taking emergency care to a whole new level in Troy.

From the segment:

Located in the hospital’s new five-story Heinrich Medicus Pavilion, the 44-bed emergency department features state of the art technology.
It also includes the Capital Region’s first senior emergency room.

“We essentially have created a zone where they get different assessments. Our nurses and doctors have been educated to provide those. There’s different equipment we use. All the rooms here are set up for anti-glare floors, privacy, decreasing sound, sort of all the things for our seniors, but especially all the services to bring to them here,” explained Dr. John Janikas, director of emergency medicine.

Click here to watch the story.

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