NewsChannel 13: Sleep Paralysis a Wakeup Call to Improve Sleep Habits

Dr. Howard Weiss, of St. Peter's Sleep Center

Earlier this week, Dr. Howard Weiss at St. Peter’s Sleep Center in Albany spoke with Benita Zahn at WNYT NewsChannel 13 about sleep paralysis.

From the story:

“It can be very frightening,” acknowledged Dr. Howard Weiss with the St. Peter’s Sleep Center.

Some 20 to 30 percent of us have experienced it.
Sleep paralysis happens when we’re in what’s called REM sleep, the time we dream. Dr. Weiss explains during REM, everything in our bodies except eye movements and breathing are paralyzed. If you wake up while in REM:

“You can have complete consciousness, inability to move and it tends to last about a minute or two,” noted Weiss.

View the video here.

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