Spectrum News: Ask the Experts – A Coronavirus FAQ with Dr. Alan Sanders

Alan Sanders, M.D., chief clinical officer for St. Peter’s Health Partners Acute Care, appeared on Spectrum News’ Ask the Experts segment. Dr. Sanders answered viewers’ questions concerning COVID-19, or coronavirus.

From the story:

Should you stay away from ibuprofen during the coronavirus pandemic?

Not necessarily. It will not increase your risk of contracting it, and it won’t exacerbate your symptoms if you do, but officials recommend taking Tylenol for a fever.

Is vinegar a good hard surface cleanser?

It’s a decent ordinary cleanser, but it will not kill a virus. Bleach is the most dependable anti-viral cleaner.

What about pets? How long can the virus survive on fur?

It’s unclear how long the virus survives on fur or other “human surfaces” like skin. The main concern is how long it survives on plastic or metal. Regardless, try to social distance as much as possible from pets and thoroughly wash your hands both before and after petting them.

When should symptomatic people go see a doctor?

At this point, any suspicious symptoms should be conveyed to a doctor via telephone or telemedicine. Fever, cough and shortness of breath are the main symptoms to look out for. Only severe symptoms, like fevers that result in shaking, or joint and muscle pain that’s so severe you can’t walk, or shortness of breath that you can’t stand up, should necessitate a trip to the emergency room.

Click here to watch Spectrum’s report.

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