WNYT & WHEC: Bill Proposes Ban on Tackle Football for Kids

Thomas Chattathil, M.D., of Cohoes Family Care, a practice of St. Peter’s Health Partners Medical Associates, appeared on WNYT/NewsChannel 13 and WHEC/News10 Rochester.

Chattathil, who specializes in family and sports medicine, discussed the risks posed by high-impact sports such as football. Lawmakers in New York state are currently considering a bill that would ban tackle football for children ages 12 and under.

From the report:

A St. Peter’s Sports Medicine Physician says concussions are always a higher risk in any contact sport. Dr. Thomas Chattathil says one of the positives of playing as a kid is developing the skills but, it’s ultimately up to the parent to decide what’s best:

“It depends on how you train your child, and how much confidence you have in your child in their ability to keeping themselves safe,” Chattathil said.

You can watch the full report on WNYT or WHEC.

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