WTEN: As COVID Cases Climb, Is It The Coronavirus, Flu, Or Common Cold?

Christopher Fatone, DO, of Capital Region Family Health Care, was interviewed by WTEN/News10 for its story on differentiating between symptoms of COVID-19, flu, and the common cold.

From the report:

However, there are still some notable differences between the three. The common cold is typically mild and resolves quickly, while the flu has a rapid onset of symptoms and high fevers. But, with the now dominant omicron variant seemingly causing milder illness, particularly amongst the vaccinated, medical experts are urging anyone who is sick to get tested.

“All of those symptoms can actually be COVID. Especially if you’ve been vaccinated, people that are vaccinated have the milder symptoms, those are the people that don’t realize they have COVID,” said Dr. Christopher Fatone.

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