Visitation Expanding at St. Peter’s, Samaritan, Sunnyview Hospitals Effective July 25

Effective Monday, July 25, 2022, St. Peter’s Health Partners (SPHP) will expand inpatient visitation at St. Peter’s Hospital, Samaritan Hospital, and Sunnyview Rehabilitation Hospital.

Visitation will expand from one visitor per patient, per day, to two visitors permitted at the patient’s bedside during visitation hours. The hours at St. Peter’s and Samaritan hospitals are 9 a.m. to 8 p.m., and from noon to 8 p.m. at Sunnyview Rehabilitation Hospital.

Under the updated guidelines:

  • 2 visitors at a time will be permitted at the patient’s bedside.
  • Visitors not at the patient’s bedside will be asked to wait in a common area and maintain social distancing, when possible. Visitors will be asked not to congregate in groups larger than 10.
  • Visitors must be 12 years of age or older.

Visitors must adhere to NYS Department of Health regulations, which require visitors to wear a face mask at all times in SPHP facilities.

Outside of the posted hours, compassionate exemptions for visitation will continue:

  • Special Needs Patients: Patients with special needs who have an intellectual and/or developmental disability or cognitive impairment (including dementia, delirium, sundowning, or other cognitive disorders) where the support person is determined to be essential to the care of or maintaining the safety of the patient.
    ** Requires a provider order or documentation of cognitive impairment.**
  • End-of-life/Hospice Care: Underage visitation is permitted if accompanied by an adult and the patient is the parent of a minor child. Exceptions may be granted by Hospice or Nursing leadership for more than 2 visitors at the bedside.
  • Discharge Companion: Patients who require a discharge companion to facilitate a safe discharge.

Special visitation guidance remains in place for the following areas/circumstances:

  • Emergency Department:
    • 2 visitors for the duration of the visit.
    • No visitors in hallway.
  • Women’s and Children’s Department (including Labor and Delivery):
    • Maximum of 2 support people/visitors (includes Doula) are permitted, at a time, at patient bedside during normal visiting hours.
    • After visiting hours, only 2 unique support people, identified with a blue bracelet, will be permitted.
  • Inpatient Behavioral Health:
    • 1 visitor at a time, with a maximum of 2 visitors per day.
    • Visiting hours are Sunday through Saturday, 5:30 p.m. to 8 p.m.
  • Hospital Outpatient Procedural Areas/Clinics/Medical Imaging:
    • 2 visitors may wait in the pre-/post-procedure area, based on number of visitors in area (to maintain social distancing). Only 1 of the visitors is permitted in the bay area during patient intake.
  • NICU:
    • 2 ID-banded parents/guardians permitted at infant bedside. No other visitors.
  • Patients undergoing same-day surgeries or procedures:
    • 2 visitors may wait in the pre-/post-procedure area, based on number of visitors in area (to maintain social distancing). Only 1 of the visitors is permitted in the bay area during patient intake. The exception is in cardiovascular services, where space permits only 1 visitor in pre-/post-procedure area and none in the bay area during patient intake.

Important Reminder Regarding ALL Visitors:

  • Visitors MUST self-screen as they enter the hospital.
  • Given these are healthcare facilities governed by the New York State Department of Health, visitors will be asked to remain masked while on premises and strongly encouraged to remain masked while in the patient’s room.
  • Visitors must report to the nurse’s station on the unit prior to entering the patient’s room.
  • Visitors are permitted to visit cafeterias and coffee kiosks.

The DOH or SPHP may adjust visitation policies at any time, based on the prevalence of COVID-19 in a region or county, or for other related reasons.

*Please note this change only applies to these three hospitals, not our Continuing Care campuses.

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