LiveSmart: Adult Day Care Offers Safety and Stimulation Away from Home

[This piece was written by Donna Hervieux, RN-C, Manager, Adult Day Health Care, at the Eddy Village Green Cohoes.]

A recent study of older Swedes published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine found older persons who were physically active on a daily basis, even without exercise, had better cardiovascular health and lived longer than those who were less active. The consensus among researchers was the simple act of getting out of the house and moving about kept seniors’ blood pumping more efficiently, leading to longer and better lives.

So, older adults should get up and out the door for better health – sounds simple, right? But ask any caregiver of an older loved one and they will tell you it can be a bit more complicated. Physical limitations, dementia or other memory loss issues, and transportation concerns keep many seniors from venturing out of the home.

For the caregivers of these older individuals, it can be challenging to ensure their loved one is reaping the benefits of a strong social network outside the home. Finding a balance between meeting their needs and fulfilling your own work and personal obligations can be a struggle. That is where an adult day program can help.

Adult day programs provide unique social, physical, mental and recreational opportunities for adults  living at home – not just seniors – who, due to illness, injury or age, need a safe and secure daytime environment. For seniors who have developed dementia or memory loss – whether caused by  Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease, stroke, heart disease or other illness – specialized day programs exist to meet their specific needs.

For more than 20 years, Eddy DayBreak has helped to improve the quality of life for adults who are living at home, yet need a safe and secure daytime environment that offers opportunities for independence, growth and development. Eddy DayBreak tailors its programs, both medical and social models, to meet the unique needs of each individual.

DayBreak offers activities that help participants gain self-esteem and a sense of well-being. For those with memory loss, DayBreak at the Marjorie Doyle Rockwell Center, 421 West Columbia St., Cohoes, offers a medical day program that fosters independence and a sense of purpose through interpersonal contact, as well as failure-free activities, exercise and fun.

All Eddy DayBreak locations provide:

  • hot lunch and snacks
  • recreational, educational and social activities
  • supervision and assistance with personal care
  • transportation, if eligible
  • caregiver services
  • referral support

In addition, the Eddy DayBreak medical model provides:

  • medication management
  • diabetic management
  • therapies
  • social work services
  • nursing assessments/care
  • pharmacy review

For information on medical day services for those experiencing memory loss, please call 518-238-4152. For any of the Eddy DayBreak programs throughout the Capital Region, please call 518-729-6523.

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