St. Peter’s Health Partners Hosts Art Exhibit Celebrating Black History Month

St. Peter’s Health Partners’ Community Health and Well-Being is pleased to showcase the works of Albany-based artist Eric Treece, in recognition of Black History Month.

Artist Eric Treece stands in front of his painting, “Primitive Faces.”

Treece, a retired US Marine and father of five, is an abstract, expressionist, and multi-media artist. Originally from Lansingburgh, he draws inspiration from a variety of sources, including the struggles and successes of African Americans throughout history. He is also inspired by more everyday sources including vintage picture frames, which will often dictate a piece’s color and theme, as well as items found in nature such as branches, pebbles, or even eggshells.

“Knowledge: The Key to Freedom” by Eric Treece

One of Treece’s favorite pieces, “Knowledge: The Key to Freedom,” was a labor of love. The book featured in the painting alone took more than 15 hours to complete. He’s hoping the piece conveys a powerful message of light triumphing over darkness.

“I see this as uplifting,” explained Treece. “There is always a chance, always hope. And that is the route to take – non-violence through knowledge. Black history is the foundation of American history. I don’t want it separated but included.”

Treece adds that Black History is year-round, not just one month. “We need to stop as a nation and really embrace all the contributions of African Americans.”

Treece’s exhibition of works can be viewed throughout the month of February on Main Street at St. Peter’s Hospital and in the Pavilion waiting area at Samaritan Hospital.

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