Albany Business Review: Why St. Peter’s Partnered with WellNow to Grow its Urgent Care Network — and Where They’re Looking to Expand

The Albany Business Review spoke with SPHP Chief Clinical Officer Steven Hanks, M.D., and WellNow Urgent Care CEO John Radford, M.D., about their organizations’ new joint venture.

From the article:

Part of what made partnering with WellNow appealing for St. Peter’s — the Albany region’s second-largest hospital system — was the western New York company’s experience in site selection, said St. Peter’s chief clinical officer, Dr. Steven Hanks.

“Through their partnership with Aspen Dental, they really have the real estate site selection down cold,” Hanks said.

(WellNow received an investment in 2016 from the private equity partners who own Aspen Dental, headquartered near Syracuse.)

The existing St. Peter’s urgent care sites weren’t particularly picked for their convenience or visibility from the road. Instead, the urgent cares are at sites where St. Peter’s already had practices, Hanks said. Now, they will move to more highly trafficked areas.

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