Time Warner Cable News: Could Your Child Benefit by Taking a Vitamin or Supplement?

Understanding the ABC’s of vitamins can be confusing, especially when it comes to giving them to your children. Dr. Janice Pride-Boone, a pediatrician with St. Mary’s Clifton Park Pediatric Center, spoke to Time Warner Cable News about this topic.

From the report:

According to Pediatrician Dr. Janice Pride-Boone, if kids eat a variety of foods, five servings of fruits and vegetables, there’s no need to take a vitamin. However, many kids don’t even come close to eating what they need. She warns parents to be aware of the lack vitamins, specifically vitamin D.

“Many children are vitamin D deficient, particularly children who are breast-fed for that first year, you need vitamin D, so you need supplements,” said Pride-Boone.

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