Times Union: In NY, School Kids Getting Most Cases of Flu this Season

The Times Union reported that recent data from the New York State Department of Health shows school-aged children are the hardest-hit group from influenza this year.

Dr. Mark Osborn, St. Peter’s Hospital’s Chief of Pediatrics and a pediatrician with St. Peter’s Health Center for Children, was interviewed for the story, as was Kassandra Foley, an infection preventionist at St. Peter’s Hospital.

From the Times Union story:

At St. Peter’s Health Center for Children in Albany, the absence of the nasal-spray option was definitely a deterrent to getting children inoculated against flu, said pediatrician Dr. Mark Osborn. Last year, 60 percent of patients who got the flu vaccine chose the nasal spray, Osborn said. For some kids and their parents, a shot was not a reasonable option.

“We’ve had tough discussions getting people to do it,” Osborn said.

Read the full story here.

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