Times Union: How and Why Raging Wildfires in Canada are Affecting Air Quality in New York

The Times Union interviewed Brandi Ewing, regional director of respiratory services for St. Peter’s Health Partners and St. Joseph’s Health, for its report on the health impacts of the wildfire smoke blanketing the Northeast. The smoke, drifting in from Canada, has driven the Air Quality Index to unhealthy and in some cases, hazardous levels.

In the article, Ewing discusses how the smoke can be harmful to the body.

From the story:

Exposure to wildfire smoke causing an AQI above 150 for several days — meaning you’re outdoors the entire time — is equal to about seven cigarettes per day, according to the study. At 10 a.m. Thursday, the AQI was 187 in Albany and 168 in Newburgh.

“Prolonged exposure to wildfire smoke can lead to long-term health issues including damage to the lungs, blood, and heart,” said Brandi Ewing, regional director of respiratory services at St. Peter’s Health Partners. “Just as with cigarette smoke, that risk goes up the longer a person is exposed and is also exacerbated by the level of particulate matter inhaled.”

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