WRGB: Capital Region Keeps Cool on Hot May Weekend

Robert Brewer, M.D., associate director of emergency medicine at St. Peter’s Hospital, discussed the best ways to stay safe during times of extreme heat during an interview with WRGB/CBS6 News.

From the report:

“People are not ready for this heat, just a few weeks ago it was in the 40’s.The biggest thing I recommend for people is to try to stay in an air-conditioned building. if they go outside, stay in the shade, make it a short duration, and make sure you’re drinking plenty of fluids,” said Dr. Robert Brewer, Associate Director of Emergency Medicine, at St. Peter’s Hospital.

Dr. Brewer adds the two age groups that are at says the young and the old are at a higher risk of medical emergencies during the heat.

“People with chronic medical conditions or on a lot of medications. Those are people that need to be extra careful,” he said.

Signs medical experts say to be aware of are being lightheaded, dizzy, or nauseous.

You may start getting cramps in your legs or in other muscles; they advise you to take a break in the shade. If things get worse, call your doctor or visit urgent care.

Click here to watch WRGB’s report.

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