WNYT: Keeping Connected Important for People in Addiction Recovery

WNYT interviewed Jason Kirby, D.O, MBA, medical director for addiction services at St. Peter’s Health Partners, for its story on how people in addiction recovery are staying connected during the COVID-19 pandemic.

From the story:

Their support groups have been suspended – and the routine of going to a meeting is gone. So how do you stay the course?

“I have a lot of concerns, actually,” said Dr. Jason Kirby, the medical director for Addiction Services at St. Peter’s Health Partners.

This is why he’s so concerned. Based on government figures, almost 20 million American adults suffer from drug and alcohol abuse. In this time of social distancing, they could be at risk for relapse.

“You know, one of the key characteristics of this disease is isolation,” said Dr. Kirby.

While the meetings of a 12-step program and other support groups have been suspended, there’s still a community – a virtual fellowship as the support has moved online.


Click here to watch WNYT’s report .



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